Krieger HEMA Messer M2

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Messer designed for fencing in the Historical European Martial Arts. Recommended for both beginners for training, and tournament participants



This type of weapon is known under many, most often German names -  Messer, Grossmesser, Bauerwehr or Hauswehr. Between 14th and 16th century it was an extremely popular weapon in all German-speaking countries as well as in those, where German colonists or merchants eagerly settled, such as Czechia or Poland. It was widely used by most townsmen and free peasants, but its popularity rose between knighthood as well. Technically speaking, the messer is a big combat knife - therefore, it was often used instead of the sword. Such popularity resulted in many court trials between the sword producers and knife producers and during these lawsuits, they tried to settle who has the only right to produce this weapon type. The messer’s very characteristic feature was the „nagel” - the enlarged hilt rivet which - in case of using messer without a shield - was often the only protection for swordsman's hand and this construction detail determined the method of messer usage.

Krieger’s messer construction is based on big specimens so it easily can be used along with buckler instead of the one handed sword. Weapon’s construction has the highest parameters of flexibility and was designed to be as dent-proof as possible - in other words - Krieger’s goal was to produce a weapon which will meet the specific HEMA environment requirements. Low weight makes it safe and reliable choice for long-time trainings without the feeling of arm-fatigue. This weapon is equipped with L-shaped guard to improve the hands protection and it could be used with all types of sparring gloves. The guard was designed to be as dent-proof as possible on one hand - while on the other - not to change the weapon’s parameters.

Weapon parameters - even during design phase - were consulted and tested in cooperation with Polish HEMA Federation - DESW FEDER.

785 g
Total length
900 mm
Point of Balance
100 mm
Blade's length
725 mm