Krieger HEMA Saber S2

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Saber designed for fencing in Historical European Martial Arts. Recommended for both beginners for training and tournament participants



A saber type that existed in central and eastern Europe since the second half of the 15th century.

Throughout the next hundred years – the sabre became a national weapon type for many, various countries and nations, and it has reached an apogee of its signification and popularity in the 17th century.

In the western part of Europe, the sabre appears more widely in the 18th century and it was commonly used particularly by cavalry formations. Sabres were produced in an enormous quantity of shapes and designs, in fact – by the end of the 18th century, in the polish language existed about twenty different terms for sabre types used in Poland.

Krieger sparring sabres were designed and created to fulfill the requirements of different fencing schools. Krieger’s sabre is flexible, lightweight and it reflects as much as possible from historical originals. It is a weapon created for intensive and safe training. The low weight makes it a reliable choice for long-time training without the feeling of arm fatigue or technique mistakes. At the same time – Krieger sabre's weight is still similar to the historical weapons which were designed for war.

Weapon parameters - even during the design phase - were consulted and tested in cooperation with the Polish HEMA Federation - DESW FEDER. This type of sabre is valued by the top of  both polish, and the world's fencers.

760 g
Total length
1000 mm
Point of Balance
135 mm
Blade's length
850 mm