We are Swordmaster

In Swordmaster we combine the experience and knowledge of archaeologists – weapon experts, veterans of historical reenactment, adepts of Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA), enthusiasts of experimental archeology and experienced craftsmen – together nearly 40 years of experience in the manufacturing, using and deepening knowledge of ancient weapons. Our strenghts? Knowledge of trends and conventions of modern use of coldsteel based on personal experience. All that to give you the best weapon and equipment to become the true swordmaster. It doesn’t matter if you are a knight, a historical warrior or a fencer... Are you ready to achieve the peak of your abilities? With Swordmaster’s equipment and advisory be prepared even for more!

„Dum pugnas victor est” who fights is a winner

Our mission

There is no room for compromise during battle. We believe that reliable weapons and equipment will allow you to fully realize your potential to be a real swordmaster - all we do is to make you the best ...

Swordmaster’s vision

The path of the warrior is not easy, but - by fighting - we rise to the heights of what we can achieve. We want to give you comfort and the certainty of using the best cold steel and equipment for you to win.