Krieger HEMA Feder F1

1,400.00 zł
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Feder designed for fencing in Historical European Martial Arts. Recommended for both beginners for training and tournament participants



Feder, which could be described as a simulator of the regular longsword. Longsword tournaments in which Feder swords are used are the most popular type of HEMA competitions, and for many the most important one as well. Very often - for many fencers it was the first contact with medieval and renaissance fencing manuals, and training with Feder is the basic type of training for them as well. As usual - the most important parameters for Krieger Team were weapons flexibility, weight, and durability. Weapon’s construction has the highest parameters of flexibility and we designed it to be as dent-proof as possible - in other words – Krieger’s goal was to produce a weapon that will meet the specific HEMA environment requirements. The low weight makes it a safe and reliable choice for long-time training without the feeling of arm fatigue. The hilt is made out of very resistant plastic with good grip - this guarantees much better durability than wooden or leather hilt equivalents.

1350 g
Total length
1250 mm
Point of Balance
80 mm
Blade's length
950 mm