Krieger Parrying Dagger, "Soldat"

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Blade type


A large dagger with a complex hilt is used mostly in the left hand from which its french and polish names origins. A weapon type popular in Europe from the 16th to 17th century as a support for a sword, or rapier held in the right hand while fencing based on thrusting. It had many different forms, very often not so different from a regular dagger. The distinctive feature of this weapon type was an oval ring on the guard, protecting the upper part of a hand.
 The hilt is made out of two, thin and hand-carved ashwood planks which are covered with high-quality, vegetable tanned leather. The excellent visual effect was achieved by the natural dyeing process and carefully made details and finish. The scabbard is well fitted with the dagger, so the whole weapon has a unique, slim shape. The scabbard is covered with leather of the same quality and color as the one used on the hilt. This dagger is designed to be a good set for the rapier that we currently have in our offer, both in color and visual shape.

390 g
Total length
440 mm
Blade's length
300 mm