Krieger Early Rapier, "Soldat"

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Blade type


Rapier, a typical western-European weapon. It came to life in the era of the renaissance as a result of the development of swordsmanship based on thrusting and its name could be roughly translated as „sword-to-suit”, so a sword to be worn daily. It was popular from the 16th to 17th century and it is closely related to the sidesword, „seitenschwert” or „spada da lato”. Rapier is a direct successor of the medieval sword, redesigned for the modern battlefield.

As the firearms and armor was improved, shields started to disappear from the battlefields, so these swords had to become the main parrying weapon. It was natural that in such circumstances the hilts became more complex to be safer, as the swordsman’s hands were more exposed to accidental injuries. During the 18th century - both rapiers and sideswords were ousted by sabres and broadswords on the battlefields and foils in duels.

970 g
Total length
1100 mm
Point of Balance
120 mm
Blade's length
935 mm