Krieger Longsword type XVIa, "Richter"

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Longsword was named the „King of the Swords”. It came to life in the crusades era, as a result of the evolution of a simple knight’s sword. Longer hilt finally allowed to put both hands on it as, according to the known evidence, warriors tried to use shorter weapons with both hands earlier. On the other hand, the size and shape of the longsword allowed one to use it easily with one hand on the hilt as well - especially when the weapon was used on horseback. The armaments race which was happening in medieval Europe resulted in longswords in many various variants, very often designed especially for the specific theater of warfare or user preferences... or as in Poland where swords had very universal shape and were used by their enthusiasts until the end of 18 the century.

Blade type


We would like to present the type XVa longsword, probably the most classical longsword type of late middle ages, well known and used all over Europe.

The hilt is made out of two, thin and hand-carved ashwood planks which are covered with high-quality, vegetable tanned leather. The excellent visual effect was achieved by the natural dyeing process and carefully made details and finish. Bisected, fitted hilt allows a good grip and gives a feeling of total control over the weapon, even when used with one hand. The pear-shaped pommel gives a good grip through every single place of the hilt. The guard of this sword is made of iron, subtly decorated with brass which is giving the sword a unique beauty and yet is not leaving it without raw, gothic character. The blade is broad close to the guard and has good cutting capabilities. It is aggressive tapering to the point as well, so it’s the best solution for piercing light armor and finding unguarded slots in the plate armor.

The scabbard is made out of two, thin alder planks, covered with leather of the same quality and in the same color as leather on the hilt. The scabbard is carefully and very well fitted with the sword, so the whole set has a unique, slim shape. The buckles and blade point protecting the tip are made of brass and are designed to be corresponding with the design of the weapon's time period.

1450 g
Total length
1260 mm
Point of Balance
120 mm