Krieger Rondel Dagger, "Richter"

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Blade type


It is a so-called „misericordia”, a type of dagger most often linked with the knighthood, but used not only by the representatives of this class of feudal society. There are widespread legends about these daggers, according to which - these daggers were used as a „mercy-weapon” used in cases when the knight who has been taken as a prisoner was not a valuable one. In other words - whose family was not able to pay a satisfying ransom for his life. Maybe this conviction comes from the fact, that majority of knights and soldiers were carrying such daggers for close-quarter combat.. The pommel and crossguard are round in shape, providing stable grip, good protection for the hand, and fast drawing ability. The handle’s shape makes it impossible to cling flat to the body, so it is way easier to find grip and draw the weapon fast even in corps-a-corps.