Krieger HEMA Smallsword E1

560.00 zł
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Smallsword designed for fencing in Historical European Martial Arts. Recommended for both beginners for training and tournament participants



It is sometimes known under many, different names - spadino, smallsword, court sword, claidheamh beag, épée de cour, Espadín. Coming from france, Skewer is a younger, lighter sister of rapier. It’s popularity grew fast in fencing duels, while in military - it was used mostly by officers because the proper and effective usage of skewer require a lot of skill and self-control. It could be surprising, but it could be used succesfully even against larger and heavier swords. The blade is coming from the sports-skewer, while hilt is stylized to 18th century court-skewer used mostly by nobles.

Weapon's parameters - even during design phase - were consulted and tested in cooperation with Polish HEMA Federation - DESW FEDER. Weapon is consistent with most of european HEMA tournaments regulations.

413 g
Total length
1060 mm
Point of Balance
50 mm
Blade's length
900 mm